Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Mr Trevelyan Kernow - Second Blog

Philip Whear here... Happy New Year to everyone,
Well, I’m a little late in getting this out, but it’s that time of year!
Since my last blog, I have visited several of the properties that Trevelyan Kernow is considering   purchasing in Falmouth, Penzance, Helston, and Newquay.  All of which, he feels, need an amount of renovation or upgrading. 
His funds are now available and he is looking forward to his future business in property. Thankfully he is talking about quality improvements not just making ‘a quick buck’; he has also realized he needs to manage the works rather than ‘get stuck in’ himself.
We met at our showroom and factory facility on Wilson Way,Pool Industrial Estate TR15 3RT (if you would like to visit,) and the conversation went something like this:
T Kernow:  ‘Good Morning……………we’ve put in an offer on the flats in Falmouth which I think will be accepted. So we’ll be needing vertical sliding sash windows on the road side, casement windows on the rest, with one tilt and turn for a Fire Escape - and I think we’ll push the boat out and open up the lounge with a much wider hole for a set of those zig- zag doors. That will really make that top flat something special!’
P. Whear:  ‘Yes, they are usually referred to as Bi Folding Doors, like those over there at the end of the showroom. You will probably  need planning permission and Building Regulations approval, which in turn will require structural engineer’s  calculations, all of which we can arrange. We can supply doors up to a metre wide - so a four door, four metre wide opening would seem about right.’
T. Kernow: ‘A ‘one stop shop’ then; that makes life easier than getting too many people involved. Whilst we’re at it, I think we’ll replace the old railings outside on the Balcony with one or another of your Glass Balustrading range.’
P. Whear: ‘That would really make the most of the views. For the best effect we’ve got the completely frameless system, which looks very high tech with little visible structure. The more you spend, the less you see! Or there is 316 Marine grade stainless steel, or alloy, in any colour, with posts. These are available with or without handrails.’
T. Kernow: ‘Oh, and the front door, I’m wondering whether a hardwood one would be better than uPVC   The door is a rather wide Georgian style with one of those  massive  semi-circular fanlights over it.’
P. Whear: ‘Personally I would go for Hardwood, as we can make a replica of the door and fanlight while incorporating modern door security and weathering performance technology.  This would help retain the character of what is a nice looking front elevation but give you a better performing entrance doorway. ‘
T. Kernow: ‘Right then, as this is an up- market project, we’ll go with that as well.’
P. Whear: ‘I’d be grateful for some photos of what will be a pretty impressive finished job – assuming you place the order with us, of course!’
T. Kernow: ‘If it all happens and you do a nice job, and I’ve every confidence you will, you can take as many photos as you like!’
P. Whear:  ‘Thanks, I’ll quote in the main for uPVC or PVCu, it’s the same thing really. So, you want vertical sliding sash windows with painted Sage green frames and white sashes; central surface or Astragal glazing bars; run through horns; ‘tilt to clean’ facility and opening restrictors. You also want casement windows, again in uPVC, all colour matched and painted Sage green, as discussed on site to comply with all the Building Regulations for energy ratings, fire escape windows and safety glass as required. The Bi- Folding doors are to be colour matched to the same Sage green as the windows, with doors opening - probably - one door to the left and three to the right. For your development, in an exposed location with fantastic views, these doors will be Commercial Aluminium as their weathering capability is far better, they are a slimmer profile and the opening sashes can be bigger than in uPVC.  A custom made hardwood front door, with a fanlight over, in a colour-matched Sage green frame with white opening sash. Oh, I nearly forgot, you also want two pairs of green uPVC French Doors in the other flats; one with a Juliet Balcony in glass. Which type do you want for the top floor balustrading?’
T. Kernow: ‘The self-supporting one, but with a stainless steel tubular handrail on it, I think.’
P. Whear:  ‘Great, I’ll put that quotation together for you in the next couple of days.



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